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Free wireless LAN connection method

  • This pension is the [NTT FLETS spotWIFI], [FON WIFI](FON), and a free hot spot of the [FC2 WIFI](FC2), opens internet environment wide on a visitor and provides the area service which can use freely forfree.Please give me connection with communication personal digital assistants, such as PC of visitor preparation, a smart phone, and a tablet, when using. (The loan of the terminal equipment is not carried out at this mansion.) Please understand beforehand that it may be hard to be connected according to *, in addition a radio wave state, etc.※(Proviso)The terminal which has not received technical standard conformity authorization of Japan may become illegal.(MIC)

    Connect to FC2 Wi-Fi⇒「Select"Fc2 WiFi(Free)"from your Smartphone's settings.You can also connect from your PC as well asyour Smartphone.」⇒「Enter in your email address or phone number.Enter in the verification code you are sent to complete registration! Quick andSimple!」⇒「Once you have registered,you can use Free WiFi immediately Not only that,you can connect to any FC2 WiFi access point!」

    Connect to FC2 WiFi